Green Rewards: Conserve & Save with LELWD

The Green Rewards Program offers exclusive rebates and incentives to LELWD customers to save both natural resources and money. Green Rewards will help you reduce your home’s environmental impact and lower your electric and water bills.

Green Rewards Terms & Conditions

LELWD reserves the right to determine eligibility or modify any of the Green Reward rebate or incentive programs without prior notice.

Energy New England will be administering all of the rebates LELWD offers through the Green Rewards Program. They also perform all of our free energy assessments! For more information, give them a call at (888) 772-4242 or email [email protected]

Rebates and incentives limited per customer per calendar year:

  • Twelve LED light bulbs per calendar year
  • Four water products per calendar year
  • Up to $300 rebate for home improvements for electric heating customers
  • Up to $500 rebate for approved Heating or Cooling installations
    $50 rebate for purchase of Energy-Star appliances
  • $250 rebate for purchase and installation of a Heat Pump Water Heater
  • $50 rebate for purchase and installation of a Smart Irrigation Controller

Once the appropriated funds have been spent for the calendar year, the program will end until the following calendar year. Savings represented in home energy assessments are not guaranteed and represent a general baseline to assist customers in selecting conservation measures.