Electric Projects

2018 Engineering & Operations Projects

SCADA Upgrades

The Littleton Electric Light Department is always looking for ways to improve our Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. This year we will be adding capacitor controls throughout Littleton and Boxborough to help remotely control our systems power factor.
We currently have automatic capacitor switch controls installed, but none can be remotely controlled by SCADA. Having remotely controlled switches will allow us to monitor our capacitor banks more efficiently and we will be able to control them more precisely.
We also have been installing fiber throughout town with the goal of controlling SCADA points by fiber rather than radio waves. A fiber connection is much faster and more secure when compared to a radio connection. Having a more reliable connection will improve all aspects of our SCADA system.

Maintenance Projects

Taylor Street/Porter Road Open Wire Conversion –

Spacer Cable

LELD will be converting open wire to spacer cable throughout portions of Taylor Street and Porter Road.
Open wire construction, while being proven reliable, is susceptible to outages caused by tree contact. Although we do aggressively trim trees throughout our system every day, we cannot completely prevent tree outages.
Spacer cable consists of insulated conductors constructed in a triangular configuration and held together by spacer brackets. The spacer cable is supported by a high-tension messenger wire which helps to maximize reliability. Although, tree outages are still possible, they are a lot less likely with spacer cable installed.

Animal Protection – 

This year LELD will be upgrading parts of our distribution system to help minimalize outages due to animal contact. Squirrels are the leading cause of outages in our distribution system and we are upgrading our infrastructure to try and prevent these outages from happening. In 2017, Squirrels were the cause of approximately 30% of our total outages.

To mitigate the situation LELD will be installing new animal guards and covered wire on our new and existing primary underground riser poles. The new riser pole design will limit the areas that an animal can touch and cause an outage.

LELD will be scheduling outages with residents throughout the year to complete the riser pole upgrades. We appreciate everyone’s patience during the process.

Green Needles Area –

The Littleton Electric Light Department will be improving reliability throughout the Green Needles area by upgrading the underground electric infrastructure.

Currently, portions of Green Needles primary wire is directly buried in the ground. Direct buried wire is known to fail over time due to general corrosion. Our plan is to replace all direct buried cable with conduit and new cable. This will limit underground faults and will greatly improve reliability.

Long Pond Area –

Tree Wire

This year we also plan to upgrade the Open Wire in the Long Pond area to Tree Wire. Tree wire is a covered wire that helps prevent faults due to tree branch contact. Tree wire is more durable and will help improve reliability throughout the Long Pond area.

To learn about planned maintenance outages and public safety emergencies, LELD customers are encouraged to register for automated notifications Here.