Sewer Working Group

A Sewer Working Group has been created by LWD to review, evaluate and present sewer project information to the Board of Water Commissioners.Another goal of the group is to ensure full transparency throughout every stage of the project. The members are as followed:

  • Bruce Trumbull, Board of Water Commissioners
  • Dick Taylor, Board of Water Commissioners
  • Paul Glavey, Select Board
  • Chuck Decoste, Select Board
  • George Sanders, Resident
  • Anthony Ansaldi, Town Administrator
  • Joe Laydon, Interim Town Administrator
  • Chris Stoddard, Littleton Highway Director
  • Nick Lawler, LELWD General Manager
  • Dave Ketchen, LELWD Assistant General Manager
  • Corey Godfrey, LELWD Water Quality Manager
  • Paul Denaro, LELWD Production Supervisor
  • Cheryl Herrick-Stella, Littleton Town Accountant
  • Allen Mcrae, Finance Committee
  • Betsy Bohling, Finance Committee